61 people were killed yesterday in different circumstances in Syria • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

61 people were killed yesterday in different circumstances in Syria

In Idlib Province, 16 citizens were killed, they are: 7 including 3 citizen women were killed in shelling by regime’s warplanes on Sarjah village in Idlib countryside,  3 civilians of one family (a man and 3 of his children) were kill and others were injured of the same family in the fall of barrel bombs on al-Bara town, and 2 citizens were killed in bombardment by warplanes on the outskirts of Msibin, a child died affected by injuries from bombardment of regime’s warplanes on Hazarin town 2 days ago.

In Hama Province, a woman was killed in shelling by the factions on Qamhana town which is controlled by the regime forces north of Hama.

And a fighter of the factions was killed in bombing by regime’s warplanes on al-Hbit and its outskirts south of Idlib.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned from reliable sources that a former fighter in the ranks of Jaysh Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed which pledges allegiance to the “Islamic State” organization of those who have struck a settlement deal with the regime forces after imposing their control over Daraa province, was assassinated by unidentified gunmen in Tafas city in the western countryside of Daraa.

While the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death 42 fighters of the factions -most of them are Jihadis-, they were killed in the last few days during the hysterical aerial and ground bombings within the “de-escalation” area.

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