The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

24 were killed yesterday including 10 members of the regime forces and their loyal militias and 14 other people

In Idlib Province, 3 citizens were killed, they are: a citizen was killed in air raids by regime’s warplanes on Kafrlateh village, and a woman and a child were killed in bombardment by regime’s warplanes on al-Bara village in Idlib countryside.

In Hama Province, 3 citizens were killed, they are: 2 men were killed in rocket shelling targeted al-Zakat village north of Hama, and a man was killed in shelling by the regime forces on al-Arba’in village in the northern countryside of Hama.

It rose to 17, they are 10 civilians and 7 SDF fighters, the number of people who were killed in a car bomb explosion drove by suicidal of the “Islamic State” organization in al-Raqqah city on Saturday.

The Syrian Observatory also documented the death of a commander of the National Liberation Front in an IED explosion in his car at Jandairis area in Afrin countryside.

At least 10 people, they are: 7 probably of non-Syrian nationalities were killed in the strikes that targeted the southwest of Damascus, and 3 Syrians of the regime forces were killed in the Israeli strikes that targeting Quneitra countryside.