The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

During the month of fasting, 26500 air and ground strikes by the Russians and the Syrian regime killed about 300 civilians including 115 children and women

The Syrian regime and its ally, the Russian guarantor, ended the holy month of Ramadan with human massacres caused by their warplanes, helicopters, and ground forces, where warplanes and helicopters of the regime and the Russian warplanes carried out more than 3199 airstrikes during the holy month of Ramadan, where regime’s warplanes carried out 1691 air raids, the helicopters dropped 1129 barrel bombs, the Russian guarantor’s warplanes carried out 379 air raids, and the regime forces launched more than 23300 shells and missiles, where the air and ground strikes targeted places extending from mountains of the coast in the northern countryside of Latakia until the western and southwestern outskirts of Aleppo, passing through Idlib and Hama, where Russia and the Syrian regime have not only killed hundreds and wounded thousands of civilians, they also destroyed their property and burned their farmland through internationally forbidden materials used in the shelling by the regime.

The Syrian Observatory documented during the holy month of Ramadan the death of 989 people, they were killed during the period between Monday, the 6th of May 2019, until the evening of Monday, the 3rd of June 2019, and they are: 280 civilians including 70 children and 44 woman were killed by warplanes of the regime and the Russian “guarantor” in addition to shelling and ground targeting, and they are: 25 including 8 children and 5 women were killed in the Russian aerial bombardment on Idlib and Hama countryside, and 25 including 2 women and 6 children were killed in the fall of barrel bombs by helicopters, and 169 including 29 woman, 42 children, and one member of the rescue teams were killed in targeting by regime’s warplanes, also 39 people including 4 children and 2 women were killed in ground shelling by the regime forces, and 22 civilians including 10 children and 4 women were killed in shelling on al-Suqaylabiyah, Qamhana, al-Neirab camp, and Aleppo city’s neighborhoods, also 408 at least of the Jihadi groups and other factions were killed in the same period in the Russian airstrikes and bombing by the regime forces and clashes against them, in addition to the killing of 301 members of the regime forces in targeting and shelling by the jihadi groups and factions.