The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid continued international silence and Russia’s false guarantees, the Syrian regime arrests more than 3600 people since April 2018, amid unknown fate and fears for their lives

The Syrian regime continues its security operations in several areas of the Syrian territory through its security and intelligence branches, such as arbitrary arrests of women and men especially since the regime forces were able with Russian support to regain control of cities, towns, and villages used to be controlled by the factions in several areas in Syria, where the arrests are made on checkpoints of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to sometimes, and other times through raids of houses and shops, also they arrested those returning to regime forces’-controlled areas whether they came from the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas, the factions’ controlled areas, or from neighboring and European countries.

The Syrian Observatory monitored since April 2018 that the regime’s branches arrested more than 3600 people including women as well as children under the age of eighteen, of whom 1200 people were released after interrogations, but more than 2400 others are still being held by the security branches of the regime, amid fears for their lives in the light of the torture they are subjected to in regime’s prisons, the majority of these arrests took place within the areas which witnessed the “reconciliation and settlements” provided by Russia to the residents of these areas, in exchange for their stay after they rejected the displacement policy taken by Russia and the Syrian regime.
Pretexts and accusations of arrests varied between “wanted for compulsory or reserve service” , “communicating with relatives in the Syrian north” , and “personal accusations” by families of killed members of the regime forces, and the guarantees provided by Russia to the citizens did not enable them to live in peace within their areas, where people of the Syrian south, the capital Damascus, the eastern and western Ghouta, northern countryside of Homs, the southern countryside of Hama, and Aleppo city are exposed to daily violations by regime’s intelligence and Shabiha.