The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS distributes its own new curriculum in the city of al- Mayadin

Reliable sources informed SOHR that IS distributed its own curriculum in the Organization- held areas today, where they distributed a copy of teaching subjects for each school. The curriculum contains 6 subjects:


  • Monotheism consisting of 179 pages, and which is a thesis written by Muhammad Abdulwahab; one of the scholars in the Arabian Peninsula. In this thesis Abdulwahab talks about the Three Fundamental Principals in Monotheism.
  • Arabic Language consisting of 30 pages and containing an explanation for Alfeyyet Iben Malek.
  • Mathematics consisting of 64 pages.
  • Physics and chemistry consisting of 25 pages.
  • Biology consisting of 37 pages.
  • English Language consisting of 30 pages.


The sources also informed SOHR that canceled Saturday weekend and keep only Friday. In adition to information reported that the Organization canceled the high school level while it keeps the primary and secondary school levels.


Meanwhile, SOHR knew that IS demanded from the teachers in the city of al- Mayadin to “pledge allegiance to IS “in order to be able to continue teaching in the city and to cut their relations with the regime which pay their salaries. The organization also cautions those who will not pledge allegiance that they will not be allowed to teach. The sources noted that IS does not define any salaries for the teachers in the city of al- Mayadin and who have not received their salaries since 2 months.