The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime forces commit a new massacre in Retian town

SOHR documented a massacre commited by regime forces backed by Hezbollah and Non Syrian fighters after it broke into the town of Retian in the 17th of Feb/2015 with 2 spies from the town, regime forces and allied gunmen executed in a cold blood 49 Syrian civilians, including 13 rebels with their families ( 10 children, 5 women ), most of them were executed in their homes without any resistance, one rebel fired 2 bullets on the regime forces and they executed him with his whole family and a man was feeling the town with his family in a car, they were also executed in a cold blood. SOHR received reports of executing rebels in Heradntin town.


We are in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, carry the moral responsibility on the UN Security Council and its members, for the continuation of committing massacres against the Syrian people during the past 4 years, due to the lack of honest work to stop committing these massacres, and to refer these war crimes to the International Criminal Court, and that if they continue in their failure to this, Then the massacre of Retian won’t be the last against the Syrian people who is still dreaming to reach the state of democracy and freedom, justice and equality.