The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clashes in Aleppo and Bombardment around Abo al-Dohor in Idlib countryside

Aleppo province: Clashes continued after midnight between regime forces backed by allied gunmen against rebel and Islamic battalions in Suleiman al-Halabi, Karam al-Jabal , Around Azzan mount, and around Aziza village. Helicopters dropped explosive barrels on al-Mallah and Hendarat areas. Regime forces bombarded areas in Hayan town, no reports of losses. 

Idlib province: A man from Ras al-Abed town in Abo al-Dohor countryside died  by wounds by  aerial bombardment on Saraqib 2 months ago. Areas in Om Jerin village near ABo al-Dohor military airport was exposed to bombardment by regime forces last night, no reports of losses. Helicopters dropped explosive barrels on Khan Shekhon, no reports of losses.