The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

10 killed while others were wounded by aerial bombardment on Duma and al-Akrad mount

Lattakia province: Warplanes went in 5 air strikes around al-Akrad mount north of Lattakia, what killed 6 civilians from one family including a child in Kensaba while others were wounded, the number of the dead is likely to rise according to the serious injuries. 

Reef Dimashq province: Helicopters dropped explosive barrels on al-Zabdani accompanied by heavy machine gun fire on areas in the city. A shell fell on Dahia al-Assad, no reports of losses. Warplanes went in 2 air strikes around Duma, what killed 3 civilians and wounded others including women and children, Warplanes also raided Arbin town, reports of killing a woman and wounding others.