The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 150 soldiers in regime forces killed in a “Failed- operation ” in Aleppo


Fighters of the Islamic battalions wandered in cars carrying  bodies of the regime forces and allied militiamen who were killed in clashes in the north of Aleppo yesterday. 40 corpses of regime forces were mourned in Homs city yesterday, they were killed during clashes in the northern countryside of Aleppo and al-Mallah area, bringing the total of the deaths on regime forces and allied militiamen, who SOHR could document their death since the 17th of Feb, until Friday “20/02/2015”,  to 152 during the unsuccessful military operation launched by the regime forces  on the northern countryside of Aleppo which was aiming  to cut the supply lines of the rebels in Aleppo city, besiege the neighborhoods which are out of regime’s control in the city, and to break the siege of Nubol and al-Zahraa towns which are inhabited by Shiaa. 

This failure caused a state of displeasure in regime’s supporters and the dead’s families, which the majority of them were soldiers in regime forces who were forced to join the military service a few months ago.

A videotape of the corpses