The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS Organization witnesses the lowest rate of join fighters since declaration of its own caliphate 8 months ago


SOHR knew that 54 new members have joined IS Organization in Rabi’ al- Thani (the fourth month in the Islamic Calendar) .i.e. since January 21, until February 19, including 5 fighters of foreign nationalities. This month is considered the less in terms of the number of fighters who joined IS since declaration of Caliphate at the beginning of last Ramadan.


Meanwhile, Rabi’ al- Awwal (the third month in the Islamic Calendar) from December 23, until January 20 in 2015, witnessed join of hundreds of fighters to IS. In addition to, in July, 2014, which is the first month of declaration of IS caliphate, witnessed the widest recruitment of fighters in IS ranks, where SOHR knew in that time that about 6300 fighters joined IS training camps in the two provinces of Aleppo and al- Raqqa, and the fighters distributed as follows:


Nearly 5000 fighters from the Syrian nationality, including 800 fighters who were ex-fighters in the rebel and Islamic battalions and in al Nusra Front while the rest are new volunteers.


1300 fighters from Arab, European, Caucasian, East Asian and Chinese nationalities as well as Kurdish fighters, including 1100 fighters entered Syria through the Turkish territory while the rest joined after leaving al Nusra Front and the other Islamic battalions.