The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Islamic State loses 132 members, 70 villages and farmlands in the northeast of Syria

132 members of Islamic State have been killed since February 21, until the moment of issuing this report due to aerial bombardment carried out by US led coaltion warplanes and clashes with YPG, al- Sanadid Army that belongs to the governor of al- Jazira District “Hamidi Dahham al- Hadi” and other fighters in Tal Hamis and Jaz’ah. The sources informed SOHR that the bodies of IS militants are with YPG, where YPG fighters could cut the highway between the two towns of Tal Hamis and al- Hol as well as take control over 70 villages, farmalnds and population centers. The same sources confirmed that in some villages it was only found some IS militantas due to the high coordination between YPG and US led coaltion. The clashes today between the two parties resulted in the death of 5 fighters from YPG, including a foreign one.


In addition to, reliable sources informed SOHR that an IS militants blew himself up using a booby trapped car between al- Shoyoukh area and Dekerman Village in the west of Ayn al- Arab “Kobani” with no information about casualties so far. Meanwhile, clashes er-erupted between IS against YPG supported by the brigade of al- Akard Front and Shams al- Shamal battalions in villages in the west of the city and other areas in its countryside.