In one week of the collapse of ceasefire within "Putin – Erdogan" area: about 8000 air and ground strikes enable the regime forces to control of 6 towns and villages north Hama and south Idlib and kill about 275 people • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In one week of the collapse of ceasefire within “Putin – Erdogan” area: about 8000 air and ground strikes enable the regime forces to control of 6 towns and villages north Hama and south Idlib and kill about 275 people

The military operations of the Syrian regime and its Russian ally completed its first week since they were resumed after the collapse of the three-and-a-half-day ceasefire in “Putin – Erdogan” area, this collapse came after the Syrian regime used fake justifications such as bombing Hmeimim airbase, but in fact, the regime forces want to continue the military operations, where the area is witnessing hysterical ground and air bombardment as a support for the ground advancement operations of the regime forces led by the spoiled “Tiger” of Russia, the Brigadier Suhail al-Hassan, where the Syrian Observatory during this period documented 1342 airstrikes targeted the countryside of Aleppo, Hama, Idlib, and Latakia, mostly targeted the northern countryside of Hama and the southern countryside of Idlib, the helicopters dropped 480 barrel bombs, regime’s warplanes carried out 544 airstrikes, the Russian warplanes carried out more than 318 raids, and the regime forces targeted by more than 6400 shells and missiles places in the aforementioned areas.

The hysterical bombardment and shelling enabled the regime forces to advance in several areas during the past 7 days within the countryside of Hama and Idlib, where they took control of al-Arba’in, al-Zakat, al-Sakhr, and al-Jisat in the northern countryside of Hama, thus, they become on the threshold of the last major strongholds of the factions north of Hama, the towns of Kafr Zita and al-Lataminah, they also took control of the towns of Sukayk and al-Hbit, and the hill of Sukayk in the southern countryside of Idlib, as part of their attempt to approach Khan Shaykhun city and al-Taman’aa town, and since the regime forces have taken control of new areas, new operations of looting must take place, where it is not enough for “locust of the homeland” to destroy the infrastructure and property of citizens, they had to loot shops and houses, or what is left of them to be exact, where the Syrian Observatory monitored by video the burning of bodies of fighters by fighters of the “Tiger” in al-Hbit town, not to mention the continuation of displacement of the remaining civilians in the area, following the policy of the scorched earth.

The Syrian Observatory documented heavy casualties during the past week, where 22 civilians were killed in air and ground bombardment and shelling by the factions, and they are: 13 civilians including 4 of the “warplanes observatories” were killed in Russian airstrikes on Hama and Idlib countryside, and 5 civilians were killed in the fall of barrel bombs dropped by helicopters on Morek and Khan Shaykhun, and a child was killed in bombing by regime’s warplanes on the southern countryside of Idlib, and 3 including a female child were killed in the fall of rocket shells launched by the factions on the villages of al-Jeed and Ain Salmo, which are controlled by the regime forces in Hama countryside, and 155 fighters at least were killed in airstrikes by warplanes of the Russians and the regime, the ground shelling, and in clashes against them, including 103 Jihadis and 96 members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them were killed in targeting, shelling, bombing, and clashes against the jihadi groups and factions.

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