المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Leaders and residents of the western countryside of Aleppo send a message to Turkey which stands doing nothing towards the massacres, displacement, and military operations led by its ally Russia and the Syrian regime

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained a copy of a video showing people and elders from the western countryside of Aleppo, sending a message to Turkey via the Turkish observation posts, where it says:
“You and the Russians entered our country based on Astana agreements, on the basis that you are on our side and the Russians are on regime’s side, and we saw the Russians raiding us with their warplanes, killing us, and enabling the regime to hold its ground; while you stood as an observer who counts the shells of the Russians and the regime, you disappointed our move and your government prevented our factions from doing productive work against the regime, and your government has prevented any qualitative weapon from reaching us, then your government surprised us with Sochi agreement and your intention to withdraw heavy weapons and empty the Ribat points (positions of the Jihadi fighters) from its Jihadis, and return the lifeline to the areas of the criminal regime, open the roads, and tear Idlib to pieces, why this attitude by you at a time when you and the Muslims our neighbors in a position of an enemy; while it is supposed that your position have to be with us, why is this disregard for the blood that was shed, the honor which was violated, and the destruction that happened in our country by Russia and Iran, where is the care of the Muslims in Turkey for our honor and what has happened to us? Did you government lost the sight so it now sees that going with Russia and America is in its interest, why this deficient vision of your government? We warn you of the indignation of Allah, your people, your nation, and the Islamic nation, we inform you that the aim of your government is to eliminate our revolution and return us to the regime to continue its criminal acts against our men and our honor, so, we reject this agreement and we warn you not to continue in implementing or else we will consider you and the regime to be the same.”

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