The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

People demonstrate against the Nusra Front in a village in Idlib

Idlib Province: Dozens of citizens, including children, demonstrated in the village of Qlidin in the west of Idlib against the Nusra Front, where they request the Nusra Front to go out of the village and to release the detainees. Meanwhile, reliable sources informed SOHR that the Nusra Front had arrested some people in the two towns of Kafroma and Has on the backdrop of attacking a checkpoint of the Nusra located between the two towns, and storming “al- Hesbah House” in Has.


2 women and a child died due to fall of shells on places in Jesr al- Shagour. A man from the city of Khan Sheikhoun tortured to death inside the regime jails.


The regime forces opened fire on areas in the town of Saraqeb and village of al- Rami.