As disregard of the "humanitarian organizations" and international silence continue, tens of thousands of displaced people live under primitive tents lacking the slightest necessities of life • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

As disregard of the “humanitarian organizations” and international silence continue, tens of thousands of displaced people live under primitive tents lacking the slightest necessities of life

As hundreds of thousands of new displaced people arrive from the southern, eastern, and southeastern countryside of Idlib, and the northern and northwestern countryside of Hama towards the north of Syria, and with the current population density especially in camps of the Syrian north which are scattered along the Syrian border with Iskenderun; sheltering the displaced has become the most prominent dilemma, as these recent large waves of displacement did not face any help from the humanitarian organizations operating in the north of Syria, or from the concerned parties in finding places to house them and provide them with adequate assistance, while thousands of displaced Families are still until this moment living among trees and out in the open, without being able to secure a tent that shelter them from the sun at the very least, and as a result of this situation, many families are building tents individually and manually using simple tools and materials, where they are using stuff considered to be less expensive than buying a tent or paying a rent -that is if a place for rent was even found- after the rent fees become as a trade among the war merchant as they demand unbearable prices, the principle of making and installing such primitive tents is based on some wooden columns, covers, and nylon sheets, they are constructed in the form of a tent inhabited by the displaced family, and the families living at such tents are facing several obstacles that increase the burden of displacement and homelessness, where these kind of tents is considered more likely to fall than other kinds because of their primitive built method and their inhabitants may suffer from displacement again in the coming winter this year if they still there, also these tents are being built away from places of gathering of the camps, because of the fee of renting the ground of the tent, which is required from families in most camps of the Syrian north, one of the most famous in this aspect is the gathering of Deir Hassan camps, where its management charges between 10 thousand to 20 thousand Syrian pounds as a rent for several meters to build a tent for one family, and the other reason for building the handmade tents away of the gathering of the camps is the argument that there are no enough places, which is forcing these families to build these primitive tents randomly in scattered places, such as the surroundings of towns and villages and in public places, bushes, and under olive trees, also these tents are spreading heavily in areas at the western countryside of Idlib such as Darkush own and the bushes and surrounding lands, such as Ain al-Zarqa area, Hammam al-Sheikh Issa, and others, in addition to several villages near Jisr al-Shughur such as the villages of Armala, Khirbet al-Jawz, Qastara, and others, and in many towns north of Idlib, agricultural land, and around the roads, where in every place there are such scattered tents inhabited by a family suffers from tragic conditions and conditions forced them to live under these worn tents, which lack the slightest elements of a normal life.

However, the majority of humanitarian organizations spread in the Syrian north remain silent and unable to provide what can be provided to help the displaced people and provide them with a shelter in better places, and provide them with food and medical supply, drinking water, and many other requirements, and day after day the numbers of people displaced to the north are increasing, which may cause a disaster if the current situation continue for long time. It is worth mentioning that most of the displaced families live below the poverty line and do not have the money needed for buying a tent with full equipment, which has reached more than $200 USD recently due to the increased demand over it, which also contributed in the increase of opening of workshops that manufacture tents and sell them, which forced  a large part of the families to create primitive tents built by wooden poles, blankets, cloth, and plastic, and constructing them individually in scattered areas and away from the camps in which the exploitation of displaced people has spread.

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