The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR calls upon the Security Council to move for the Syrian People as it moves for peoples who are less than half of the Syrian civilians who were killed and wounded over 4 years.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented death of 4075people in February 2015.


The death toll is as follows:


Civilians: 832


YPG, Rebels and Islamist fighters: 594


Non- Syrian fighters from IS, al Nusra Front, Jund al aqsa and al Muhajereen wal Ansra Army: 1265


Defected soldiers: 6


Regular regime soldiers and officers: 568


Fighters of the People’s Committees and NDF as well as spies: 555


Fighters of Hezbollah: 30


Non- Syrian pro- regime fighters, vast majority of them from the Shia Sect: 37


Unidentified victims (documented by photos and footages): 10



We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights think that the real number of non-Syrian casualties from  IS, Al-Nusra Front, Islamic factions, Jund Al-Aqsa battalion and pro-regime militants is approximately 500 soldiers and fighters more than the documented number due to the extreme secrecy about casualties on both side and due to the difficulties of reaching to the outback and the difficulties to investigate about those who have died inside the regime and IS jails. 




Although that the Security Council has not  responded  to our demands to work seriously and urgently to stop killing the Syrians by all kinds of weapons, We in SOHR  are going to work with all parties that still have human conscience in order to urge the Security Council to move seriously, even for one time, in order to do justice to the Syrian people, who have dreamed about reaching to the state of democracy, freedom, justice and equality, as they moved for the sake of peoples who are less than half of the Syrian civilians who were killed and wounded in the last 4 years.