The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

YPG and rebel battalions reach to the outskirts of Jarablos, and retake about 300 villages in al- Raqqa and Aleppo

YPG, backed by rebel battalions, could seize the villages of Zor Maghar, Zyara, Khrab Ato and al- Bayyadeyyah located on the Euphrates River at the Syrian- Turkish border after violent clashes with IS militants. Thus, YPG had retaken the villages located between the Euphrates River and the city of Ayn al- Arab “Kobani” rising the number of villages that YPG could seize them since January 26 to 296 at least, where the Euphrates River separate YPG and rebel faction from the IS- held city of Jarablos located on the west bank of the river.


Meanwhile, violent clashes are breaking out between the two parties in the town of Sheiouk Tahtani and outskirts of Sheiouk Foqani where there is no great resistance by IS on the contrary of the southern and eastern fronts which have been reinforced by forces coming from the province of al- Raqqa in an attempt to impede YPG progress towards the main stronghold of IS in Syria that is the city of al- Raqqa.