المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 100 attacks in Daraa province in more than 100 days as part of the escalating security chaos, claim the lives of 65 people most of them of the regime forces, “reconciliation” factions, and the militias loyal to Russia and Iran

Since the regime regained control of Daraa province entirely with its allied militias and with Russian mediation agreements and settlements, Daraa has become an area filled with conflicts between all parties, starting from the Iran-Russian cold war there by attempts by each party to extend their full influence over the entire province, where the Irani influence is generally concentrated east of Daraa, while the Russian influence is concentrated in the western part of the province, while the Syrian regime’s role is limited to the its forces’ abuse of the citizens there, like looting and arbitrary arrests despite the “reconciliations and settlements”, not to mention the gradually escalating security chaos, which is pursuing the regime forces, members, and those who collaborate with the security forces and regime’s institutions, where unknown armed groups emerged as rejection of any form of presence of the regime and its institutions and allies in the area, most notably of which was the forming of what is known as the “Popular Resistance”, in addition to talking about forming a new military structure under the name of “Jaysh al-Janoub” (Army of the South) to fight Iranian influence which is increasingly spreading in Daraa, in addition to liquidations between the forces controlling the area.

The Syrian Observatory monitored the escalation of security chaos significantly since June 2019 until this day, during which more than 105 attacks and assassination attempts took place in various forms and methods by detonating bombs, mines, booby-trapped cars, and firing with light and medium weapons, and barely a day goes in Daraa province without a new incident, while the forces controlling it are standing by watching what is happening, amid resentment among the locals and citizens who refused the displacement towards the Syrian north from this security chaos.

The Syrian Observatory documented between the beginning of June 2019 and the 19th of September 2019; the death of many people in theses escalating security chaos in Daraa province, they are 7 civilians including 2 women and a child, 31 of the regime forces and militiamen. loyal to them and collaborators of the security forces and regime institutions, 13 fighters of the faction who carried out “reconciliation and settlements” and became in the ranks of regime’s security branches, including former commanders, and of the 9 Syrian militias of the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian forces, in addition to 5 of what is known as the 5th Corps which was established by Russia.

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