The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

11 people were killed yesterday in different circumstances in several areas of Syria

A fighter of “Humat al-Aqida” was killed in an armed clash against Sultan Murad Division in Jarabulus city in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo.

While unidentified gunmen opened fire on the Mukhtar of Al-Mulayha Al-Sharkiyya town in Daraa countryside, in front of his house, which caused his instant death, it is noteworthy that the town’s Mukhtar collaborates with the regime’s security services.

Also a member of the regime forces was killed due to clashes against gunmen who attacked military headquarters of the Military Security and NDF of the regime, in al-Sanamin city in the northern countryside of Daraa

The SOHR also documented the death of 8 members at least of the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them including 5 Syrian members, due to separated attacks and detonation of IEDs and landmines by the “Islamic State” Organization near Al-Sukhnah, Palmyra Desert and Deir Ezzor countryside