The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The area of “Putin – Erdogan” witnesses the return of cautious calm to its four sectors…in conjunction with the overflight of a Russian reconnaissance plane over areas south of Idlib

The regime’s ground forces targeted by several rocket shells, the town of Hish in the southern countryside of Idlib, along with the overflight of a Russian reconnaissance plane that has been monitored by the activists of the Syrian Observatory, over areas in the southern sector of Idlib countryside, in the same context, the Syrian Observatory monitored cautious calm prevailing the “de-escalation zone for hours, and the SOHR published during this day that for the 8th day in a row, regime’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs after today’s afternoon, targeting Kabani area in Jabal al-Akrad at the northern countryside of Latakia, while the regime forces renewed the ground shelling on “Putin – Erdogan” area, where they targeted by rocket shells areas in al-Wosta hills, Abu al-Dahdah, and the Syriatel  in the vicinity of Kabani in the northern countryside of Latakia, and other areas in Ma’aret Hurmah, Baarbu, Stuh al-Deir, Rakaya, outskirts of al-Naqir, al-Faqea, Om al-Sir, and Arinbeh in the southern and southeastern countryside of Idlib.