The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The gunmen of the pro-Turkey faction of “Sultan Murad” publicly loot shops of Kurdish citizens in Afrin countryside

Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that members of the Brigade “Shuhada’a Al-Sfireh” which is affiliated to the Turkish-backed faction of “Sultan Murad”, publicly loot shops in Deir Suran town in Afrin countryside, and according to the information obtained by the SOHR; the looting acts are represented by forcing the shop owners to sell goods for the faction’s members on credit, and when the shop owner asks a member to pay the overdue money, the member threatens the seller to arrest and kidnap him.

And the SOHR published yesterday the 29th of September 2019, that the factions operating under the banner of the operation “Olive Branch”, have been still continuing their breaches against the Kurds of Afrin and its countryside, and in this context, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned from local sources that the security checkpoints of the Turkish-backed factions daily blackmail the civilian passengers from and to Afrin city, where the members of one of the security checkpoints affiliated to the Civil Police at the entrance of Afrin city, stopped a bus driver while heading to a sewing workshop in the city, and forced him step out of the bus, beat him before the passengers and took him to unknown destination, and according to the sources, the driver paid 75000 SYL in return for being released, in the same context, one of the security checkpoints of to the Military Police on the road to Raju, stopped a bus driver days ago while he was coming back from Afrin city center to his village which is located in the city’ countryside, and stole his mobile and all the money in his possession.