The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security chaos, kidnappings, killings and extortion in al-Rastan city which is under the control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard north of Homs

Al-Rastan city in the northern countryside of Homs is witnessing an escalation in security chaos, just like other areas of control of the “regime forces”, but the regime forces’ control of al-Rastan is a formal one, where it is actually under the influence of “Iran’s Revolutionary Guard”, and reliable sources informed the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” that kidnappings and looting have escalated significantly in the city recently with the spread of gangs of stealing and extortion, and the “Syrian Observatory” monitored that an unknown armed group abducted 2 girls under the age of eighteen while they were going to school, to be found later dead at the international highway near al-Rastan, the sources of the “Syrian Observatory” added that continuous extortion is being carried out by loyalists of the regime forces and militias loyal to them, against any person with a former revolutionary activity in addition to former fighters, where they threaten the people that they must pay money or they will be arrested.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published at the beginning of March 2019 that like all the areas that the regime forces re-controlled by military operations with the support of their allies or through “reconciliations and settlements”; the cities, towns, and villages of the northern countryside of Homs are witnessing security operations by regime’s intelligence and security branches, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored in the past few days an increase in the security operations in most of the northern countryside of Homs, in which “reconciliations and settlements” took place, after which tens of people were arrested, and the largest number of arrest took place in al-Rastan city, also the Syrian Observatory documented that regime’s intelligence arrested more than 60 person mid Last week, most of them were in al-Rastan city and most of them were under the age of eighteen, and these arrests were accompanied by the spread of paper clippings in al-Rastan at al-Omari mosque, some of them read: “The Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham, al-Maghawir forces, Abu Bakr al Siddiq Regiment.. behind the enemy lines”.