The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After their absence from the sky yesterday, Syrian regime’s helicopters fly again over Jabal al-Akrad and target Kabani area with barrel bombs

The “Syrian regime’s” helicopters returned to fly over the northern countryside of Latakia, after their absence yesterday from the skies, where they returned to drop barrel bombs on Thursday morning on Kabani area in Jabal al-Akrad, while the helicopters targeted Kabana for 9 consecutive days before it went absent yesterday and return today to resume the targeting, and in the same context, the regime forces renewed the ground strikes on Kabani area in the northern countryside of Latakia, and the towns and villages of Ma’aret Hurmah, Om al-Sir, Tremla, Maarzita, and Rakaya in the southern and southeastern countryside of Idlib, while the Syrian Observatory monitored after midnight and morning of today artillery shelling carried out by the regime forces, where they targeted areas in Baarbu, al-Wabidah, and Deir Sunbul in Jabal Shashabo in the southern countryside of Idlib, and other areas in the vicinity of Khan Shaykhun, Tahtaya, Babulin, Kafrsajna, and Rakaya in the same countryside, in conjunction with continuous flight of reconnaissance drones over the “de-escalation” area.