Implementation of the "safe area" agreement east Euphrates continues through running a new joint patrol between the Turkish and American Forces in Tal Abyad area • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Implementation of the “safe area” agreement east Euphrates continues through running a new joint patrol between the Turkish and American Forces in Tal Abyad area

The “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” monitored a new joint patrol between Turkish Forces and U.S. Forces east of Tal Abyad area in the al-Raqqah countryside, as part of the implementation of “the safe area” agreement east of Euphrates, and the patrol consists of 4 Turkish and American vehicles, and the joint patrol will enter deep about 6 km inside Syria, and the Syrian Observatory published on the 29th of September 2019 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored widespread popular satisfaction within the area of east Euphrates, with the “safe zone” agreement between the Americans and the Turks, where the agreement is supposed to avert a military operation on the area, the operation that threatens of a humanitarian disaster like that one happened due to the operation “Olive Branch”, in addition, the agreement imposes nominal presence of the Turkish forces in the area, through running joint patrols with the U.S. forces and joint overflight between the two sides, at the same time, the area has been still suffering an economical crisis that ignites the residents’ discontent, in the shadow of the high price of fuel and the continuation of smuggling from the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas to the regime forces-held areas, not to mention the high cost of living and the corruption spreading in the whole area of east Euphrates.

The SOHR also learned that conscription is continuing against the youth as a part of the “compulsory conscription service” which has become an inevitable law within the controlled areas of the Autonomous Administration, and at the time when a number of citizens express their discontent to such situation, others resigned themselves to fait accompli and voluntarily send their relatives to conscription service, and on the 20th of September 2019, the SOHR monitored that the military police of the Autonomous Administration continue their security operation in order to arrest young men to take them to the “conscription” service in the east Euphrates area, where the operation continues on its 5th day and will last until the end of September 2019, this operation includes al-Raqqah city and its western countryside, al-Tabaqa city, al-Hasakah city and its countryside, Qameshly city, and the towns of al-Hol, Tal Barak, Tal Hamis, and Manbij in addition to Deir Ezzor and Ayn al-Arab (Kobani), and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the military police have arrested more than 450 young people so far to take them to the conscription, also among the total number there are children who have not reached eighteen years of age but were also taken to the conscription.

And the Syrian Observatory monitored on the 24th of September 2019, the start of running the second U.S. – Turkish patrol east Tal Abyad, where Turkish armored vehicles entered the Syrian territory in the morning of that day in order to conduct the joint patrolwithin the second phase with the U.S. forces, within the border of the save zone, where the the joint patrol was run in a track of 30 km long and up to 9 km in depth, starting from the border village of Rafah east of Tal Abyad to villages in the north of Sluk to the east.

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