In light of the tragic circumstances in the education sector in the Syrian north, tens of teachers open educational centers at their own expense in order to revive education • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In light of the tragic circumstances in the education sector in the Syrian north, tens of teachers open educational centers at their own expense in order to revive education

The conditions in the education sector in the Syrian north have forced many teachers and schools to practice education for children voluntarily free of charge, until an organization partially supports them, in order to continue the educational process and fight ignorance among children after the great displacement and instability that residents of areas of control of the “Rescue Government” are living, where near the residential gathering and border camps they built schools in the form of camps, caravans, or by renting houses and converting them into temporary educational centers, in camps of the Syrian north near Kafrluseen; the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that a group of teachers of all specialties decided to work voluntarily in 4 houses rented at their own expense, to provide daily knowledge to tens of children on a voluntary basis, in order not to lose the new school year, sources of the “Syrian Observatory” added that these teachers work within very weak possibilities, and these classes in their various forms can only have 15 students.

And as schools are unable to accommodate the new children, the parents are sending their children to this type of educational centers because they are close to their place of residence, and due to the fact that the communities of displaced people are located on the outskirts of villages and in mountainous areas far from the places of the local population, and despite the lack of resources, educational support, and a significant shortage of basic necessities such as stationery, books, and educational tools, the demand for education is evident in the morale of teachers and the rush of parents to educate their children, while the situation remains unknown as winter approaches and the additional heating and expenses it requires, amid this silence and international ignore on the issue of children’s education, where the those who work in the education sector are calling on humanitarian organizations and officials through the Syrian Observatory; to do what they can to improve the process of teaching these students in a better way.

We at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, through what we have observed from the catastrophic reality that the educational aspect is suffering, which is a clear violation of the children’s right and lack of means to facilitate and help in educating children, we call on international agencies to help and direct their attention to the creation of an educated generation, that stays away from extremism, and we call for the care of children’s rights in education, according to the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child which came into force in 1990 in accordance with article 28 of it, which stipulated that states should recognize the right of children to education, in particular: making primary education compulsory and free of charge to all, and the Convention protects children’s rights by setting standards for health care, education, and the social, civil, and legal services for children.

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