The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The SDF arrest a member of the regime forces’ agents who served as an official in the ranks of ISIS

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that a group of the Syria Democratic Forces raided Theban town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor after the midnight of Saturday – Sunday and supported by International Coalition’s helicopters, where they arrested one of the members of the general relationship office in the “Islamic State” organization previously, and reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that the arrested person is one of the most prominent agents of the Syrian regime in the area and participated in repressing demonstrations in the beginning of the Syrian Revolution in Al-Mayadin city by opening fire on the demonstrators, he also fled to the regime’s controlled areas after the defeat of the “Islamic State” organization before he returned to Theban town to be arrested there.

And the SOHR monitored on the 3rd of October 2019, monitored a new raid carried out by the Syria Democratic Forces and the International Coalition with the support of Coalition helicopters, where tens of members raided several areas in Deir Ezzor countryside after midnight of yesterday, and in the details obtained by the “Syrian Observatory”: a force of the SDF raided several locations in al-Zerr village and killed a displaced person from al-Bokamal, after her tried to escape during a raid on the house he rents, they also injured others during a raid on another house in addition to arresting about 5 people in the village, and in Tayyana town members of the “SDF” through loudspeakers of demanded the residents to stay in their homes, then they raided several houses in the town and arrested a group of unidentified people until the moment, also 20 people were arrested -they are believed to be from cells of the “Islamic State” organization- after raids in Jadid Ekydat village, and in another context, the Syrian Observatory learned that a group of “Asayish Rapid Intervention Members” raided the house of a former member of the “SDF ” in Hajin town in Deir Ezzor countryside, and an exchange of fire took place between both parties which killed the former member, and reliable sources informed h “Syrian Observatory” that the victim was a member of the SDF before being dismissed about a month ago after he killed his brother.