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SOHR | Syria’s state-run media reports of Turkish shelling on the Syrian territory untrue

Pro-regime media outlets continue their misinformation tactics, reporting that Turkish aircraft have targeted the Syrian territory on Monday evening. Syrian Observatory sources have denied such reports confirming that there have been no Turkish airstrikes on Syrian territory, as state-run media claimed.

SOHR sources have added that Turkish airstrikes targeted positions in Iraq, while two missiles fired by the Turkish side fell inside the Syrian territory in uninhabited area.

The Syrian Observatory has monitored today the entry of dozens of trucks of the International Coalition via Iraqi Kurdistan into north-eastern Syria. The column consists of nearly 80 closed trucks, including military vehicles.

This development comes despite the U.S. decision to withdraw from SDF-held areas. Since the announcement of the International Coalition and SDF’s control of the eastern Euphrates in late March, the number of trucks that have entered the eastern Euphrates areas has risen to at least 3,130. It is worth nothing that this is the 29th batch of trucks.

SOHR sources said that Turkish jets were seen flying over the border triangle between Turkey, Syria and Iraq, near Al-Malikia (Direk), coinciding with firing two shells by Turkish forces on a group, as they tried to cross to the Turkish side opposite the village of Khanki, which fell on an uninhabited area. No human losses or material damage have been reported.

On September 21, Observatory sources have monitored dozens of trucks entering the Syrian territory from northern Iraq, where a convoy of about 150 trucks carrying logistical and military assistance entered SDF-held areas, east of the Euphrates from northern Iraq via Simalka border crossing.

On September 13, reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that the International Coalition trucks continue to enter SDF-held areas, carrying military and logistical assistance. Over 150 trucks entered via the border crossing, carrying military vehicles, weapons and logistical assistance.

On September 5, the Syrian Observatory reported that dozens of trucks entered the Syrian territory from northern Iraq.

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