"Al-Jarba" meets with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss the Syrian recent developments and the developments of the "East Euphrates" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Al-Jarba” meets with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss the Syrian recent developments and the developments of the “East Euphrates”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: The head of the Syria’s Tomorrow Movement, Ahmad al-Jarba, met today evening, with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, in the Iraqi capital “Baghdad”, and according to the sources of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; during the meeting, the most important developments were discussed, especially what happening in the area of east Euphrates and the expected consequences, and the two sides, according to what the SOHR’s sources revealed, emphasized the necessity of the continuation of cooperation for the sake of reaching a permanent political Syrian solution that saves the countryside, and stops the bloodbath that has been continuing for nearly 9 years, and the two sides praised the importance of the recent formation of the Constitutional Commission, and the high expectations built on it to reach a constitutional solution matches with the UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

And the SOHR published 2 days ago, that al-Jarba, met with the Egyptian Foreign Minister the Ambassador Sameh Shoukry at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in Cairo, the Syrian Observatory learned that during the meeting, the horizon of the political process in Syria was discussed, in addition to the need to support and activate a political solution in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254, they also discussed the possibility of reaching this solution in the current period, both parties also talked about the UN declaration of the Syrian Constitutional Commission and its work horizon, with both parties emphasizing that the formation of the Syrian Constitutional Commission at the time is a step in the right direction, considering it to be the main outcome of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue held in Sochi early 2018, and during the meeting, “Jarba” discussed with the Egyptian Foreign Minister the situation in the Syrian Jazira area east of Euphrates River, in addition to the latest political and field developments in the area, and also the conference that the Syria’s Tomorrow Movement intends to hold in Caro early next month.

In early September, al-Jarba met with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister. Mikhail Bogdanov, in Moscow, where both parties discussed the developments in the area and ways of moving the political process in accordance with the UN resolution, and the obstacles that stand in the face of forming a constitutional commission, in addition to establishing a safe area on the Syrian-Turkish border and the subject of the east Euphrates, and during that meeting, Bogdanov pointed out the need to continue the political process to reach a radical and final solution in Syria, starting from preserving the unity of all Syrian territory, while “Jarba” pointed to the current situation in Idlib and the difficult humanitarian situation of civilians in Idlib, he also invited the Russian President’s special envoy Bogdanov to attend conference of the Movement to be held in Cairo next month.

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