The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The Turkish forces target the vicinity of Ras Al-Ayn area by shells and heavy machineguns, in conjunction with the arrival of new batches of factions loyal to Turkey to the latter’s territory in the frame of the anticipated military operation

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the fall of shells fired by the Turkish forces on the vicinity and outskirts of Ras Al-Ayn area at the border strip east of the Euphrates, along with targeting the area by heavy machineguns, without information about casualties so far, other than that, cautious calm prevails the whole area of east Euphrates, and this was coincided with the arrival of more factions loyal to Turkey in the Turkish territory at the border strip with Syria, as a part of preparation for the anticipated Turkish military operation which may be launched on the area of East Euphrates at any time, amid continued alertness by the military councils in the east of Euphrates and the Syria Democratic Forces.

And the Syrian Observatory published hours ago, that Turkey-loyal factions continue to mobilize and prepare themselves in areas of “Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch” in Aleppo countryside, in order to join previous batches in the vicinity of Manbij area, and into the Turkish territory at the border strip opposite the east Euphrates area, within the framework of the anticipated military operation by the Turkish Forces and Syrian factions loyal to them against the area, and the Syrian Observatory published after midnight that the Syrian Observatory for human Rights monitored the entry of a Turkish military column to Jarabulus area at the border with Turkey, where the column was deployed in the area a short time ago, while the Syrian Observatory has received information about the fact that the pro-Turkey factions will head from Afrin area and the areas of “Euphrates Shield” to the vicinity of Manbij to participate in the anticipated military operation.

And the SOHR published hours ago, that media outlets close and loyal to the “Syrian regime” are still continuing to release lies about targeting the Syrian territory by Turkish aircraft today evening, Monday, sources of the Syrian Observatory for human Rights confirmed that the news about Turkish airstrikes on the Syrian territory, as the regime’s media claims, is completely false, and the sources added to the SOHR that the Turkish airstrikes took place on positions in Iraq, while 2 shells coming from the Turkish side, fell inside the Syrian territory within a deserted and unpopulated area, and the SOHR monitored today evening, that tens of trucks of the International Coalition have entered from Kurdistan Region of Iraq to the north-east of Syria, and there number reached about 80 cargo trucks, including military vehicles, and this action comes despite the U.S. decision for a pullout from the SDF’s controlled areas, thus, the number of trucks which entered the areas of east Euphrates since the International Coalition and the Syria Democratic Forces announced their control over the east of Euphrates in late March 2019, raised to at least 3130, within 29 batches.

Also sources informed the Syrian Observatory, that Turkish aircraft flew over the border triangle between Turkey – Syria – Iraq, near Al-Malikiyah (Dayrik), in conjunction with launching 2 shells by the Turkish forces on a group that tried to cross to the Turkish side opposite “Khanki” village, where the shells fell in an unpopulated territory without causing any damage.