The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish Forces carry out a new round of rocket shelling targeting several areas starting from east Euphrates until west Tigris

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a new round of Turkish shelling on several places. Starting from east Euphrates River until west Tigris River, where Tal Abyad area in the northern countryside of al-Raqqah and Ras al-Ayn area in al-Hasakah countryside; were under rocket shelling by Turkish forces, the Turkish forces also targeted using rocket shells after the sunset on Wednesday places in Qameshly city, where about 15 shells fell on places in Qanat al-Sways neighborhood and other places in the city, which injured civilian people, also places in Shyoukh area west of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) city were  under rocket shelling by the Turkish Forces, while the clashes renewed using medium and heavy weapons; between the Turkish border guards against the Syria Democratic Forces located at Darbasiyah crossing, while the SOHR received information that al-Mansour Dam in Malkiyyeh area got out of service, after being targeted by Turkish forces with shells where the dam feeds the area with electricity, and in the same context, the Syria Democratic Forces targeted by several shells Turkish villages on the opposite side of Amuda area, while the Syrian Observatory monitored continuous displacement of civilians from the areas that are under shelling.

In the same context, several shells launched by the “Kurdish forces” fell on Jarabulus town and its surroundings, which are under the control of the Turkey-loyal factions in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, but no information about injuries until now.