The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

ISIS women in “al-Hol min-state” set fire to the camp and attack the guards

Sources told the “Syrian Observatory” that women of the “Islamic State” organization living in al-Hol camp attacked guards of the Internal Security Forces, and set fire to the camp, but no information about casualties so far, and the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” published on the 6th of October 2019 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that Al-Hool Statelet which is located in the far south-east of Al-Hasakah city, witnessed a new murder, where the body of a child girl under the age of eighteen who had been displaced from Aleppo city to Al-Hool Camp, was found dead, and sources informed the SOHR that the cause of death is that the victim was choked to death also marks of bruises were noticed on the body, without information so far about the identity of the perpetrator.

And the SOHR published on the 3rd of October 2019, that the tension situation returned to al-Hol “mini-state,” after a new stabbing attack in the camp located in the far southeast of al-Hasakah on morning of Thursday the 3rd of October, and in the details monitored by the “Syrian Observatory:” a young man who is displaced from Hama province died this morning after being stabbed about 15 times with a sharp object by unknown people so far, this incident took place in the 5th Sector of al-Hol “mini-state”, and after that; the “Internal Security Forces” arrested about 10 women from members of the “Islamic State” Organization in the camp to be investigated in the incident.

The Syrian Observatory published yesterday that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored cautious calm in the “mini-state” of al-Hol at the far southeast of Hasakah, amid the continuation of alert by the “Internal Security Forces and the al-Hol Military Council” by imposing continuous security cordon on the section of the female “migrants” in the camp in case of any emergency, after the events that took place 2 days ago, also all the news and information on the media about the killing of 6 women from families of the “Islamic State” Organization in the incident that took placed 2 days ago are false information, and the Syrian Observatory published on Monday that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that special forces of “al-Hol Military Council and the Internal Security Forces,” imposed a tight security cordon around the “female immigrants” section within al-Hol camp at the far southeast of Hasakah city after the events in “al-Hol mini-state” on Monday, and the sources added to the Syrian Observatory that the forces are preventing the exit of any woman from families of the “Islamic State” Organization outside of the immigrant section except with members of “Asayish” and only to buy her supplies, and the Syrian Observatory documented yesterday the death of a woman from families of the “Islamic State” Organization affected by injuries she had from a stabbing by the “Women’s Hisba” which is active in “al-Hol mini-state”, where the woman had a “sentenced” with death, but no information about the charge against her until the moment, and in the same context, the Syrian Observatory learned that the “Internal Security Forces” arrested more than 40 women from families of the Organization in the wake of the events witnessed in the al-Hol camp on Monday, while the tension still prevails until the moment amid alert among the “Asayish” in the camp