Turkish Forces control 7 villages in Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn areas within the first 24 hours of the military operation against east Euphrates • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish Forces control 7 villages in Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn areas within the first 24 hours of the military operation against east Euphrates

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored new progress by Turkish Forces and the factions loyal to them; with heavy air and ground cover in areas of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn, where they have controlled the villages of Yabseh, Tal Fender, Bir Ashiq, Mazra’aat al-Masihi, and other area in the vicinity of Tal Abyad since morning of Thursday, they also took control of the villages of Kashto and Alok west of Ras al-Ayn, and now the violent clashes between the Syria Democratic Forces against the Turkish Forces and the factions loyal to them moved to the outskirts of Tal Abyad city at the border with Turkey in al-Raqqah province, and in the same context, the Syrian Observatory documented the killing of 4 SDF members in bombardment by the Turkish warplanes targeted 93rd Brigade in Ayn Issa area north of al-Raqqah.

In the same context, the “Syrian Observatory” learned that “Deir Ezzor Military Council” pushed military reinforcements to the Syrian-Turkish border to repel Turkish attacks, also “al-Hol Military Council” issued a statement about the Turkish military operation, during which it announced the dispatch of forces to the border to support SDF and the rest the military councils there, it says: “due to the repeated Turkish threats to the north of Syria, the Military Council of al-Hol stood in solidarity through a statement on behalf of the Military Council of al-Hol Sector, read in al-Hol Township by the Spokesman of the Military Council of al-Hol sector, “Mazloum Shawish,” he says in the statement: due to the recent developments on our northern border, which is the Turkish state and its mercenaries launching a war against our territories, as the international community silently watching it occupying more Syrian territory and carry out its colonial agenda; after the United States and the International Coalition backed down on their commitment to protect the area and its partners in fighting the terrorist organization ISIS, which is what we consider to be a betrayal against the people of the area, and evasion of their moral and humanitarian obligations, and because the forces of our Military Council are the ones protecting al-Hol camp, which contains thousands of ISIS fighters and their families.

And Shawish said: “Here we stop at President Trump’s speech in his description of this area that it has been for centuries living war for nothing, and we remind the President Trump and the world that thousands have given their blood to free people of this area from the hands of the terrorist ISIS, and these martyrs including people from America, Europe and even the Turkish people in addition to thousands of Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, and Turkmens, who gave their blood to get rid of ISIS terrorism and liberate peoples of the area, therefore, President Trump’s speech does not live up to the sacred sacrifices, and the so-called peace corridor claimed by Turkey is a terrorist corridor for the revive of ISIS and the likes of it, and peoples of the world should be aware of this fact and put pressure on the international community and foil the plan that threatens global security and stability, and we, the Military Council of al-Hol, declare that our forces will go to the northern border in order to repel the aggression and defend our people and land, and this will lead to a security hole regarding the protection of the camp and detainees, which may result in chaos that the international community will bear its consequences, and as we promised peoples of the area to be faithful to the blood of our martyrs and defenders of our lands and peoples; and we proved this in our war against the terrorist organization ISIS, with the same spirit we will defend our northern border against the Turkish intervention and its mercenaries, who aim to create a total chaos that does not stop at our borders, it passes it, destabilizing global security and stability.

The international community is fully aware of the malicious objectives of the Turkish State, which supported the ISIS organization by all means, and after the failure of ISIS to achieve what Turkey is seeking, it thrown the so-called Free Army into this battle to take over the tasks that ISIS failed to do, and left all its areas of control and headed to the Syrian north to please Turkey, and this is a betrayal of the Syrian blood, as these forces have turned into a tool in the hands of Turkey, which provided huge services to the regime and handed over all the areas to it, and every citizen should be aware of this fact and understand that the betrayal of Turkey and its mercenaries for Syrian blood.”

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