Riad Darrar for the “Observatory”: Results of Cairo meetings are positive, and position of the Arab League is very good • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Riad Darrar for the “Observatory”: Results of Cairo meetings are positive, and position of the Arab League is very good

The joint president of Syria Democratic Council, Riad Darrar, said that the meeting held by the delegation of Syria Democratic Council with Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shukri, this morning in Cairo was fruitful and positive to a large extent, stressing that the delegation of the Council which consists of Ms. Ilham Ahmad, President of the Executive Council of Syria Democratic Council, and Mr. Sihanouk Dibo, consultants of the Autonomous Administration for north and east Syria; presented on the Egyptian side the developments of the situation in the Syrian north after the military operation and the demands of Autonomous Administration, while in a special statement to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Darrar said that the reflections of the meeting in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry were positive, where statement of the Arab League was issued positively regarding the reject of the Turkish operation, which it described as “aggression”, stressing that the Syria Democratic Council of was hoping for this position a long time ago.

He added that what is happening in the Syrian north is an attempt of a demographic change in the area, and occupying a new part of Syria within the Turkish president’s plan to occupy new areas of the Syrian territory, pointing out that the regime is confused because it listens to the dictates of its supporters, stressing that the Russian position is very negative towards the Autonomous Administration, where Russia decided through Astana meetings to exchange with Turkey, and we have seen this before when Afrin was handed over in exchange of Rif Dimashq, stressing that: “we still have hope that America will realize the reality of the situation and stop the Turkish operation, and we have seen through our meetings with pentagon officials and the U.S. State Department their awareness of the position, while the President of the United States does not seem to know history when he said that we did not take part in a battle in the World War II.”

Darra said: “there are 12 members of the Syria Democratic Forces protecting the prisons where members of the “Islamic State” Organization are held, and it would not make sense for members of the “SDF” to leave their families under the Turkish bombardment and siege in order to secure ISIS fighters, which means that withdrawing some forces in favor of the battle against Turkey may lead to chaos.” He also said: “During our meetings with European officials, we saw anger and rejection of the Turkish blackmail and playing with the refugee card against Europe.”

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