Turkish forces and factions fail to achieve any advancement in Ras al-Ayn amid continuous clashes against SDF south Tal Abyad • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish forces and factions fail to achieve any advancement in Ras al-Ayn amid continuous clashes against SDF south Tal Abyad

The violent clashes continued within Ras al-Ayn city and areas in its countryside until Monday morning, between the Turkish forces and the factions loyal to them against the Syria Democratic Forces, accompanied by heavy shelling causing new casualties, while the Turkish Forces have been unable to achieve any advancement in the area, and in the same context, the clashes continue between both parties south of Tal Abyad city in a continuous attack by the Turkish Forces and the factions after they controlled yesterday Tal  Abyad city, but other than that; that cautious calm and anticipation continue all over the east Euphrates, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday that the violent clashes are still continuing in areas in Ras Al-Ayn and its countryside at the border strip, between the Syria Democratic Forces on one hand, and the Turkish forces and the factions loyal to them on the other, accompanied by violent and heavy shelling, where the Turkish forces are trying to encircle the city completely and to cut off the road between Ras Al-Ayn and Tal Tamr, under a cover of heavy firepower with the purpose of taking the control of the city before tomorrow morning, while the SDF seek to repel the attacks and prevent the factions and the Turkish forces from advancing.

And with the fall of more casualties, it rose to 121 at least, the number of members of the Syria Democratic Forces who were killed by Turkish air and land strikes and clashes against Turkish Forces and the factions loyal to, also it rose to 86, the number of the Syrian factions loyal to Ankara including 13 of the pro-Turkish cells who were killed in targeting and clashes against SDF, while 8 Turkish soldiers were killed in clashes and targeting, Turkey acknowledged the death of only 5 of them, amid information about other Turkish casualties at the Syrian – Turkish border, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, in addition to information about other casualties.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published yesterday that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the Turkish forces and their loyal factions managed to impose full control over Tal Abyad city at the border strip in the east of Euphrates, in addition to achieving new advancements represented by taking the control of several villages in the area of Ras Al-Ayn, thus, the Turkish forces and Syrian  factions loyal to them become in control of about  220 km2 inside the Syrian territory from the west of Tal Abyad to the west of Ras Al-Ayn city to Al-Hasakah – Aleppo Road which is known as “M4”, which they managed to impose their control over it and cut it off at the administrative border between the provinces of Al-Raqqah and Al-Hasakah.

Thus, it rose to at least 41, the number of areas over which the Turkish forces with the Syrian factions loyal to them imposed their control in the east of the Euphrates, since the start of “Peace Spring” Operation on the 9th of October 2019, they are Tal Abyad, Sluk, Mazra’aat al-Hammadi, Abu Qabr, Mazra’aat al-Masihi, Hamida, al-Mahida, al-Dadat, al-Yabseh, al-Meshrfeh, Tal Fender, Bir Ashiq, al-Terwaziyyeh, Lazkeh, Hwyran, al-Wastah, al-Ghajir, Shokan, al-Khalidiyah, al-Aridah, al-Nabhan, Om al-Jern, Ghzil, al-Hawi, Tababin, Jamous, Felyou, al-Zaydi and Al-Daroubiyyah in Tal Abyad area, and Mabroukah and Tal Halaf towns and the villages of Al-Kantari, Wadhah, Twijal, Alok, Kashto, Aksas, Tal Khenzir, Al-Aziziyyeh, Al-Balloujah and Abu Al-Soun in the Ras al-Ayn area.

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