The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The rebel battalions launch shells on the city of Aleppo, and an Islamic movement targets a regime vehicle in Idlib

Idlib Province: The warplanes carried out a raid on the village of Mere’yan in al- Zaweyi Mountain and a raid on the town of Saraqeb. The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on places in the village of Tal aas in the south of Idlib leading to wound some people.


An Islamic movement targeted by an IED a regime vehicle carrying members on the road linking between the town of Ariha and the city of Idlib, initial information reported casualties.



Aleppo Province: Several shells, launched by the rebel battalions, had landed on the neighborhoods of al- Sayyed Ali, Solayman al- Halabi, al- Hamidiyyi and al- A’zameyyi in the city of Aleppo causing material damages in people’s properties while some people wounded in Solayman al- Halabi. Other shells landed near al- Ziyara area located on the east bank of the Euphrates River in the northeast of Aleppo at the Syrian- Turkish border.


The helicopters dropped a barrel bomb on the road of al- Kastillo in the north of Aleppo.