The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Activists accuse Asayish of exiling them from Efrin and Asayish denies

A Kurdish activist from the city of Efrin in Aleppo accused, in a call with SOHR, Asayish of arresting him and his sister, beating them and exiling them out of Efrin District that belongs to the Democratic Self- Management on charge of “working in the revolutionary movement. They also threatened to kill his relatives and give them a deadline to leave their houses. While leading sources in Defense and Protection Agency of the Democratic Self- Management of Efrin District denied, in a call with SOHR, the validity of these accusations. These sources confirmed that the activist had been arrested earlier on charge of “communicating with external parties”, and that they released him later. In addition to, they questioned the girl because she accused Asayish of threating her and that she had been exposed to moral pressures where some activists forced her to spread such accusations.