The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

U.S. Forces who are part of the international coalition continue to withdraw from their military bases north Syria

The U.S. Forces awho are part of the International Coalition continue to withdraw from their positions and military bases in the Syrian north, where a military column of the United States Forces was seen leaving the Syrian territory through Simalka border crossing with Iraq after midnight of yesterday, also the column took the road of Aki Ferro west of Qamishli city towards the border after withdrawing from a military base in the countryside of Hasakah, also activists of the Syrian Observatory in Qameshly area monitored civilian activists carrying banners written in English during the passage of the withdrawing column; condemning the American – Turkish decisions, one of which said: “you betrayed the Kurds, the history and future generations will curse you, how will you tell your children that you left your Kurdish allies to be killed by the Turks.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored yesterday that the withdrawal of the International Coalition forces from “Sarin” airport, which is a military base for the coalition, located in the countryside of Ain al-Arab (Kobani), where the retired convoy took the Qamishli road, amid overflights of coalition helicopters over the area, while US forces destroyed “al-Qulayb” military base, which included a runway for military transport aircraft and helicopters in the area of Tal Baidar in Hasaka countryside, after it withdrew from it towards the Iraqi border.