The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The pro-Turkey factions open the silos of Tal Abyad and sell their contents .. and information about the return of ISIS commanders to Tal Abyad

Sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that one of the pro-turkey factions operating within the Operation “Peace Spring”, started to open Al-Dahaliz Silos east of Sluk town in Tal Abyad countryside and sell what is inside them.

And according to information obtained by the SOHR; a kilogram of barley is being sold now for 25 SYL, wheat for 80 SYL, and a ton of fertilizer sold for 100000 SYL.

At the same time, sources confirmed the return of the Emir of ammunition in the “Islamic State” organization in Tal Abyad, with 150 members to the city, amid information about the return of the people of Al-Ballou who are known for their ties to the organization.

A source in Sluk town pointed to the appearance of the media activist in the organization, who shot the scenes of throwing victims by the organization in Al-Houtah Hole, and he is one of the cousins of the first ISIS Emir in the area of Tal Abyad.