(M.A.) A Young Syrian lost several family members and suffered injuries made him disabled, appeals to international organizations to help him • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

(M.A.) A Young Syrian lost several family members and suffered injuries made him disabled, appeals to international organizations to help him

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained a testimony of a 30-year-old Syrian young man, addressing his difficult living conditions and the circumstances he suffers from after he ended up with his wife and only child in a small tent in “Deir Hassan” area in the southern countryside of Idlib, where the young man (M.A.) says: “I am from Shahranaz village in Jabal Shashabo in the western countryside of Hama, I can say that the course of my life has completely changed over the past few years, I am a brother of  4 brothers and my father loved me the very much, where he worked in agriculture and livestock and he owned shops for selling clothing, meat, and fuel, his physical condition was stable so he encouraged me to complete my studies, and I was so good in my studies that I spent the whole night reading, and I continued to do so until 2011 when I was in my second year of study at Tishreen University in Latakia city.

With the start of the popular demonstrations in Hama city and its countryside, the harassment of the security services against us began in the university, because we were from the area knowing that I did not participate in them at the beginning, until it reached the point where they broke into our room in the university residence, which forced me to leave the university for fear of arrest. And in the following year 2012, I was on a date with the death of my then 58-year-old father, and while he was on his way to his farm in Sahl al-Ghab, members of the regime sniped him, and his death for me was a real setback and a great pain that I still suffer from, followed by my nephew, my cousin, then followed by 3 cousins who are young children, all of whom were killed as a result of the shelling that targeted our village.”

M.A. continue saying: “In 2015, I was also on a date with the death of my older brother, and during this period of leaving the study, I was working in agriculture and taking care of shops with my brothers, and then the living conditions started to gradually worsen, and we sold a lot of property to pay off debts and provide living necessities, I went out looking for work in Turkey in 2016 and got married there, and then I came back the following year in 2016 after working a year with my wife in several fields, particularly in vegetable factories, in April 2018, I was on a date with my injury that made me in a seat until this moment, and that night I could hardly remember anything, except that I was standing near my sister’s house at about 11 pm and making a phone call to a relative of my mother, I felt nothing but that an artillery shell fell just meters away from me, and I became completely unconscious, the next morning, I found myself at Orient Hospital in Kafr Nubl city with my left leg amputated, all parts of my body covered with bandages, and there were many wounds in my hand and face, and I remained for more than 5 months in continuous treatment.”

M.A. added: “After the treatment I became completely disabled that made me stay at home, they were very difficult days, until the date of the recent displacement which greatly increased my suffering, after the start of the military campaign that affected the area, all my brothers were displaced to different places, but I went with my wife and my only child to Deir Hassan camp gathering in the northern countryside of Idlib, we ended up in a small tent in which I live a very difficult humanitarian condition, where mainly I am suffering from being unable to go out and walk for a long distance, and I am suffering from the lack of income and a significant deterioration in my living situation, and we are suffering from a significant shortage of drinking water and food.”

He appealed to humanitarian organizations and charities through the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to help him, adding: “After we left everything behind and escaped as a result of the heavy shelling, we are in a truly tragic situation, I need a wheelchair so I can go out and move, I need to change the tent, provide drinking water, food, and medical supplies, and create a bathroom nearby, where I suffer from the toilets being far away of the tent, I also need heating materials before winter, I hope to be able to install a prosthesis leg and go back to being able to walk and pursue my life after I lost everything I have.”

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