Internal Security Forces in al-Hol arrest 5 women and 18 children of ISIS families tried to flee towards Iraq • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Internal Security Forces in al-Hol arrest 5 women and 18 children of ISIS families tried to flee towards Iraq

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored this morning the internal security forces in al-Hol camp arresting 5 women of the members of the “Islamic State” Organization of German, Turkish, and Uzbek nationalities, accompanied by 18 children of the organization, who tried to flee towards the Iraqi border, and this is not the first attempt to escape, where several women of the “Islamic State” Organization have fled over the past days after the Turkish attacks, and some of them have been arrested.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned yesterday that a state of tension and fear prevailed among the inhabitants of Al-Hol Camp, after news passed around about a possible agreement between the Autonomous Administration of the north and east Syria and between the Syrian regime, where a large number of people held there, who are families of the “Islamic State” organization, expressed their fears of being handed in to the regime forces, amid calls for not being delivered to the regime, and sources of the SOHR monitored an unusual state of calm among the inhabitants of the camp, amid anticipation for how situations will go in the incoming days in the case that a deal struck between the SDF and the regime forces.

And the SOHR monitored previously, that 2 women from the families of the “Islamic State” organization of non-Syrian nationalities, managed to escape after being transported from Al-Hool Camp to receive treatment in the hospitals of Tal Tamr and Al-Hekmah in Al-Hasaka province, while the poor health and living conditions, shortages of medicines and food, and severe shortages of medical care, are continuing due to the inaction of the international organizations, which resulted in the death of 409 children at least since the start of January 2019 and until now.

And in early September 2019, the SOHR monitored international silence continues towards all the disasters that occur in the “al-Hol mini-state” northeast of al-Hasaka province, and perhaps the biggest disaster which is worsening day after day is the lack of rehabilitation of children of the “Islamic State” Organization who are present in the camp, where the camp has become a fertile ground for planting extremism and “jihadism” in minds of these children by women of the organization, who are planting the ideology of the Organization in minds of their children and teach them the teachings of terrorist Organization, and by that, the camp become to training camp to training the children the ideology of the “Islamic State” Organization, in the light of the full international disregard for consequences of the disaster.

And in another context, the Syrian Observatory monitored decline in numbers of people present in “al-Hol mini- state.” following the recent exits and the extradition of foreign children to their countries, where this “mini-state” includes at least 68607 people, they are: 8450 Iraqi families within of the total 30765 Iraqi nationality people there, and 7809 Syrian families of the 28069 Syrian nationality people, while the rest– who are 9773 people– are of European, Asian, African and other nationalities are among both 2824 families.

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