The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Residents of “Ras Al-Ain” appeal to the SOHR: We are trying to return, but loyal to “Erdogan” prevent us and ask us whether we are Arabs or Kurds

A number of residents of Ras Al-Ain have called for help from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to find out what they are subjected to. They are trying to return to their homes and villages, however once they reach Tel Halaf checkpoint, Turkish forces and their affiliates prevented them from crossing and asked them if they were Kurds or Arabs. Sources told the SOHR that “citizens have become displaced and they want to return to their homes, knowing that Turkey is forcibly returning refugees to those areas, in order to apply a demographic change of the region.”
Since October 9, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored the displacement of approximately 30,000 citizens from Ras al-Ain, which is inhabited by citizens of Arab, Kurdish, Armenian and Assyrian components. In light of the frequent information on the forcible transfer of Syrian refugees in Turkey to areas recently controlled by Turkish forces and their factions within Operation “Peace Spring”, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights renews its warnings of demographic change in the region and calls on international actors to ensure and prevent Turkey from applying any demographic change within Syrian territory.