The factions of operation "Peace Spring" continue to thieve and loot public property and citizens' belongings in the villages of Tal Abyad north of Al-Raqqah • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The factions of operation “Peace Spring” continue to thieve and loot public property and citizens’ belongings in the villages of Tal Abyad north of Al-Raqqah

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored that the Turkey-loyal Factions are continuing to thieve, loot and disassemble power transformers in the village of Shihan west of Tal Abyad in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah, in addition to the continuation of thieving the belongings of citizens who have displaced from their villages, through looting the furniture of the uninhabited houses.

And the SOHR published today that the people of al-Darbasiyah and its countryside continue their gradual return to their homes after the Russian – Turkish agreement, after the Turkish military operation forced them to displace from their areas, in conjunction with the continuation of the very difficult humanitarian situation in several areas in Ras al-Ayn countryside and Tal Abyad, as the military operations continue in terms of bombings, clashes, and targeting, also the Ankara-loyal factions continue their violations against the civilians and their property, where robberies and looting of homes and shops continue in Ras al-Ayn (Sari Kani) in al-Hasakah countryside, Ayn Issa town, and Tal Abyad city north of al-Raqqah, in addition to burning homes of citizens after being looted, particularly in Ras al-Ayn, in addition to theft of agricultural vehicles and cars, and the continued kidnapping of citizens for ransom.

The Syrian Observatory published yesterday that the health and medical side in areas north and northeast of Syria is witnessing catastrophic situations in terms of movements and support provided to them, in light of the continuous targeting of them since the beginning of the “Peace Spring” operation on the 9th of October 2019, this aspect represented by the Kurdish Red Crescent and the Health Authority within the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas, where they gave 4 martyrs as a result of the Turkish military operation (3 from the Health Authority were field-executed by pro-Turkish factions in Sluk area north of al-Raqqah, and the fourth belongs to the Kurdish Red Crescent and was killed in bombing targeted Ras al-Ayn city, in addition to injuring 5 others in shelling and targeting.

Their work in providing aid for the injuries and transporting bodies has always been hampered due to the continuous targeting, as happened when they were trying to transport the injuries and bodies from Ras al-Ayn when it was besieged by the pro-Turkish factions, and they received yesterday a distress call from residents to go to al-Alia village in the countryside of Tal Tamr  to evacuate injuries and people who are trapped under rubble and corpses, however, the factions’ control of the village prevents them from going to it, without any reaction from international organizations, which in turn withdrew from the north and northeast of Syria after the agreement between the “Autonomous Administration” and the Syrian regime, because they are organizations that are not licensed by the Syrian regime, also the United Nations bring support and only helps the organizations that are licensed by the Syrian regime.

Accordingly, the Syrian Observatory calls on humanitarian organizations, the European Union, the Syrian Red Crescent, and the Red Cross (Syria branch);  to act urgently and quickly and provide the necessary support for areas north and northeast of Syria, from medical support and evacuation of injuries and transferring bodies from the areas that are witnessing military operations just like other Syrian areas.

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