The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Squadron of International Coalition helicopters attacks locations of jihadi organizations and ISIS members north of Idlib city and kill about 10 persons

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored an attack carried out by a squadron of 8 helicopters escorted by an International Coalition warplane; on positions where the “Islamic State” Organization is located in Barisha area north of Idlib city just after midnight of yesterday, where the helicopters targeted the Organizations’ positions by intense and violent strikes for about 120 minutes, accompanied by targeting by the Jihadis for the helicopters with heavy weapons, and the Syrian Observatory documented the death of 9 people in the attack of the Coalition helicopters, and it is not known yet whether Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of the “Islamic State” Organization was among the killed people, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, in addition to information about other casualties.

The Syrian Observatory published in early September that the number of casualties continues to rise as a result of targeting positions and camp of the jihadi “Wa Harred al-Mu’minin” operations room on Saturday, where it rose to 51, the number of Jihadis who were killed in bombing by the International Coalition targeted their headquarters and camp in the area between Kafriya and Idlib city, where 24 of the casualties are leaders the vast majority of them of non-Syrian nationalities, and many of the were turned into pieces and some of them were burnt, and this bombing by the Coalition left huge destruction in the camp and the area.