The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Supporters of “Peace Spring” in Europe burn the farm of a Kurdish activist, try to assassinate another

Several supporters of the Turkish military operation “Peace Spring” in Europe tried to assassinate a German teacher named Khaled Bozan, because he expressed his opinion regarding the Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria. Bozan is from Kobani and he publishes videos on YouTube videos to teach thousands of Syrians German grammar, and according to what Bozan said in a video on YouTube; his car was burned while he was inside it with his brother Ilhan Bozan, but both survived the incident, Bozan said that the assassination attempt took place because he announced his position against the Turkish military operation, where he received threats as a result of his position, also few days ago, a Kurdish activist’s farm was burned, the Kurdistan flag was removed and shredded in a German city, on the same day of his speech against the Turkish military operation and the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a provincial parliament.