Two civilians die in Turkish shelling on "Tal Warda" in Abu Rasin area • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Two civilians die in Turkish shelling on “Tal Warda” in Abu Rasin area

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that 2 civilians were killed in Turkish shelling on Tal Warda village which belongs to Abu Rasin area and is away 8 km of Zarkan Township. the sources said that the civilians are: Ibrahim Mohammed al-Khalaf, 60 years, and his wife, Tuffaha Ali Saleh, 55.

Reliable sources said that the “National Army” continues to shell Aniyakel village of Abu Rasin area from the north, which killed 3 people at least and injured four others, and the shelling continues and it is difficult to get the wounded out.

the Syrian Observatory had just published that as clashes continue in the villages of Zarkan township and villages in the western countryside of Tal Tamr township; the Turkish Forces and their loyal factions shell Tal al-Ward village in Abu Rasin (Zarkan) township, killing one woman and injuring 5 civilians, and reliable source told the Observatory that “the civilians were killed and injured while trying to get out of the village,” adding that the Turkey-loyal factions carried out an attack on Tal al-Ward village, and the civilians can no longer get out of the village because of the shelling that is targeting it, and the source confirmed that the Turkey-loyal factions are directly targeting civilians.

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