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Turkey hands over 18 captives of the regime forces via Al-Darbasiyah crossing point .. and a source says: the Turkish forces did not treat them according to the prisoners of war laws

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned today evening, that the Turkish forces released 18 captives of the regime forces, where they entered the Syrian territory via Al-Darbasiyah crossing point, and according what reliable sources said to the SOHR: these captives were not treated according to the conventions and laws relative to the treatment of prisoners of war, where they all were taken to Turkey without being relieved or receiving first aid, and all of them arrived with blood covering their bodies also their clothes were torn.

And the SOHR published hours ago, that a military delegation of the regime forces have arrived to Al-Darbasiyah to take the captives according to the Russian – Turkish agreement, but a disagreement took place with the Turkish side whose nature is not known so far, amid information about the fact that a Russian delegation is the party that took the captives.

Lens of the SOHR: Turkey releases 18 captives and hands them over via Al-Darbasiyah crossing point


"عدسة المرصد": تركيا تفرج عن ١٨ أسيرًا من قوات النظام وتسلمهم عبر معبر الدرباسية

Posted by ‎المرصد السوري‎ on Thursday, October 31, 2019