The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

International Coalition forces withdraw from Sarrin  airport from which al-Baghdadi’s killing team took off

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a withdrawal of the International Coalition forces from the military base of Sarrin airport located in countryside of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) city. The withdrawal began on Sunday morning after military columns were brought and after landing of American airplanes and emptying cargo planes over the past few days, also Sarrin Airport is the airport from which the team that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of the “Islamic State” organization took off.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 28th of October 2019 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the U.S. Forces are returning to bases from which they had withdrawn in the past days north and northeast of Syria, after the decision of the U.S. President Donald Trump, and in the details monitored by the Syrian Observatory: more than 500 American soldiers and military and logistical equipment reached Qaserki base, which is located on the M4 highway between Tal Tamr and Tal Baydar, in the area between the Iraqi border – Qameshly – Aleppo over the past 3 days, also Sarin Airport has been witnessing for 5 days landings movement of American warplanes and unloading of cargo planes, as well as the presence of American logistical and military vehicles and equipment.