The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Sulaiman Shah Brigade gunmen kidnap citizens in Ma’batli area of ​​Afrin’s countryside to force relatives to pay ransom

Aleppo – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights :
Syrian-backed Suleiman Shah Brigade militants continue to commit the most heinous abuses against Afrin’s residents. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that gunmen belonging to Suleiman Shah Brigade kidnapped two citizens of village “Kahira” of the district of Ma’batli in Afrin’s countryside. According to Syrian Observatory information, members of the faction contacted the families of the abductees and demanded a $1,000 ransom for their release.
On November 2, the Syrian Observatory reported that in the wake of the ongoing violations against the Kurds of Afrin by the Turkish-backed factions, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the faction of the Sultan Fatih Brigade, supported by Turkey, had forced the residents of the village of Arab Ushagi, which belongs to the Ma’batli district in the countryside of Afrin ”to bring firewood bags from their homes to the headquarters of the brigade in the town, by instructing through the village mosque that in the absence of firewood bags, the members of the faction will cut olive trees in the village.
On November 1, the Syrian Observatory reported that Turkish-backed Military Police had arrested several people in Sharan district of Afrin countryside. According to the Syrian Observatory, the arrests were made against the backdrop of charges of involvement in bombings that hit the city of Afrin earlier, which is under the control of Turkish forces and factions loyal to it.