The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fierce clashes between SDF and the factions of “National Army” after an attack of the latter on villages in the vicinity of Ayn Issa

Clashes have been still continuing between Syria Democratic Forces against the factions of “National Army”.

The villages of Saqiru, Mas’udiyah, Um Al-Baramil and Sharkirak east of Ayn Issa, have been witnessing fierce clashes in an attempt by the National Army’s factions to cut off the International Highway M4.

SOHR monitored hours ago, that SDF thwarted an attempt by National Army to storm Saqiru, Mas’udiyah and Um Al-Baramil east of Ayn Issa in order to take control of them and cut off the International Highway M4.

SDF managed to destroy an armored vehicle of the Turkey-loyal Syrian opposition factions which killed all members in it.

On the other side, SDF have not sustained any material damages or human losses.

And according to what Syrian Observatory learned; these attempts have lasted since morning, while the clashes have been still continuing so far.