The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian airstrikes target south of Idlib and the regime forces shell the countryside of Hama, Latakia, and Idlib within the “de-escalation” area

The Russian warplanes carried out several raids on places in Kafrsajna town in the southern countryside of Idlib, while the regime forces shelled after midnight of yesterday areas in Hawijah village in Sahl al-Ghab, and other places in Kabani area in Jabal al-Akrad north of Latakia, in addition to the towns and villages of Ma’aret Hurmah, Kafrsajna, Sheikh Mustafa, Arinbeh, Muqah, Tahtaya, Om Jalal, and al-Tah in the southern, eastern, and southeastern countryside of Idlib, but no information about injuries has been received yet, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday evening that the Russian warplanes renewed their bombardment on areas in Idlib countryside, where it rose to 20, the number of raids carried out by the Russian guarantor’s warplanes.

The airstrikes targeted Hersh Kafr Nubl, Kafr Sajna, the vicinity of Tremla, Maarrat Hurma, Arinbeh and Al-Naqir in the southern sector of Idlib countryside, and the area of Kabani in the northern countryside of Latakia.

Meanwhile, warplanes affiliated to the regime forces carried out about 22 raids, targeting Jisr al-Shughur city, and its vicinity, Al-Bashiriyya, Al-Janudiyah, Ein Al-Baredah, Kfir, Ein Al-Asafir, Sheikh Sndian, Mar’aand and al-Najeya in the western countryside of Idlib, the power plant of Zayzun in the north-western countryside of Hama, and Kabani area in the northern countryside of Latakia.

In the same context, the jihadi factions repelled a new advancement attempt by the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them in the area of Kabani in Jabal Al-Akrad, in the frame of the regime’s attempts to take control of strategic positions, where the battles their have been continuing for the 11 consecutive day.

Meanwhile, the number of barrel bombs dropped by helicopters on Kabani area in the northern countryside of Latakia, increased to 14.